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We Integrate Environmental Solutions into the Project Management Process

We provide environmental consulting through all phases of the project including strategic planning / project development, project management plan, scope planning, time / schedule planning, cost estimating, quality management, resource planning, communications planning, risk management, and procurement planning.

Our staff has multiple licenses and certifications including Registered Environmental Manager, Professional Geoscientist / Geologist, Professional Engineer, LPST Project Manager, ISO 14001 Lead Auditor, Asbestos Inspector / Management Planner / Consultant, and Lead Risk Manager. The firm is licensed as an Asbestos Consultant and Lead Firm by the State of Texas.


We provide the following services as a Prime Consultant or as a Sub-Consultant:

  • Environmental Project Planning
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Environmental & Safety Training
  • Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Real Estate Due Diligence
  • Asbestos / LBP Surveys
  • Asbestos Abatement Management
  • Site Characterization Studies
  • Remediation Support
  • Subcontractor Oversight
  • UST Management
  • Geological Surveys
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Environmental Cost Estimates
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We Bridge the Gap Between Vision and Creation...Challenge and Solution

We define "gap knowledge" as the information required to bridge the gap between an idea and its implementation or a challenge and its solution. This gap knowledge must result in a solution that is consistent with the organization's mission and goals.

To ensure this outcome, we work with the client on a process of strategic plan assessment and "vision alignment" to maximize short-term and long-term project value. This process is critical if the organization is utilizing a program management process led by internal staff or outsourced consultants.

Successful business leadership today requires the strategic integration of multiple professional disciplines.

As a small consultancy, we do not claim to do it all. Our seasoned Associates have exceptional expertise in the following critical areas with a proven history of overcoming challenges and guiding clients to the successful achievement of project goals:

  • Marketing Research
  • Business Development Strategies
  • Proposals and Presentations
  • Presentation Team Coaching
  • IT Applications Development
  • Government Contractor Accounting Systems
  • Contract Compliance and Audits
  • FAR and CAS System Requirements
  • Large-Small Business Teaming
  • Small Business Mentoring
  • Mentor-Protégé Programs